Restaurante Calima

Menu of the day (changed daily)
3 Starters
3 Main Courses
3 Desserts
Bread, drink , coffe or dessert Incl.

Tapas Menu
4 different types of tapas
Bread, drink , café or dessert Incl.

Lobster and Red Crab directly from
our aquarium.
You can try them boiled in sea water
or grilled

Tapas   l   Salads   l   Starters   l   Meat   l   Fish

Vegetable salad with avocado
Lettuce, tomato, radishes, watercress red cabbage, cauliflower, avocado and palm hearts in a mustard vinaigrette dressing

Caesar salad
Lettuce, onion, smoked chicken, toasted bacon, fried garlic bread topped with our exquisite Caesar sauce

Fruits and dried fruit salad
Beautifu l fresh salad prepared with different lettuce leaves and various fresh and dried fruits topped with a honey vinaigrette dressing

Escalibada salad
Mediterranean-style vegetables Different mix of lettuce, goat cheese With a balsamic vinaigrette

King Prawn and smoked salmón salad
Lettuce, spring onion, cucumber and carrot with king, smoked salmon and tartar sauce