Restaurante Calima

Menu of the day (changed daily)
3 Starters
3 Main Courses
3 Desserts
Bread, drink , coffe or dessert Incl.

Tapas Menu
4 different types of tapas
Bread, drink , café or dessert Incl.

Lobster and Red Crab directly from
our aquarium.
You can try them boiled in sea water
or grilled

Tapas   l   Salads   l   Starters   l   Meat   l   Fish

Soup of the day
Delicious soup prepared with fresh market products

French Onion Soup
Traditional french style onion soup with gratinated cheese

Stuffed King Prawns with calamari, monkfish and clams
King prawns stuffed with diced vegetables & monkfish, calamari & clam rolls served with a seafood sauce

Creamy noodles with asparagus and wild mushrooms
Noodles served with mushrooms& asparagus in a creamy vegetable and cheese sauce

Land and Sea Carpaccio
Slices of steak and tuna with Jerez sauce, sliced of parmesan cheese and tomato granita
Our own special Foie Gras Home made duck liver terrine with onion and carrot confit and read fruits gelatin

Stuffed vegetables crêpes
Savory crêpes filled with fresh vegatables served in a creamy sauce.

Our Risotto
Delicious Duck creamy rice with spinach pumkin and raising.

From Asia
Wok with vegatables
Wok with secret of pork
Wok with duck
Wok with calamari