Restaurante Calima

Menu of the day (changed daily)
3 Starters
3 Main Courses
3 Desserts
Bread, drink , coffe or dessert Incl.

Tapas Menu
4 different types of tapas
Bread, drink , café or dessert Incl.

Lobster and Red Crab directly from
our aquarium.
You can try them boiled in sea water
or grilled

Tapas   l   Salads   l   Starters   l   Meat   l   Fish

Sea bass with mussels and pumking creamy sauce
Fresh sea bass fillets served with mussels and pumkin creamy sauce

Croaker filets "Spanish style"
Croaker fresh filets in garlic and parsley sauce

Turbot supreme in sea food sauce
Fresh Turbot made in seafood and fish "fume"

Fresh Hake casserole with clambs in green sauce
Fresh Hake whit garlic, parsley,asparragus,green peas , egg and clams (Tipycal from Basque Country)

Baked Sole cooked in papillote with vegetables and champagne sauce
Fresh filets of Sole cooked in papillote with prawns and vegetables in champagne sauce